"Key Words and Catch Phrases" for Word Problems

Addition Words

1. Add

2. Altogether

3. Both

4. In all

5. Sum

6. Total

Subtraction Words

1. Difference

2. Fewer

3. How many more

4. How much more

5. Left

6. Less: Debra bought apples for $3.20 and oranges for $4.23. How much less did the apples cost?

7. Minus

8. Need to

9. Remains

10. Subtract

10. Words ending with "er"; higher, longer, faster, heavier, larger, shorter, slower, farther, etc. Example: Jean's apple weighs 100 grams, and Karen's apple weighs 80 grams. How much heavier is Jean's apple?

Multiplication Words

1. Times: Maria ran around the track 5 times. It took her 5 minutes to run around the track. How many minutes did she run?

2. Every: Kim buys 2 apples everyday. How many apples does she buy in a week?

3. At this rate: Ed reads 25 words per minute. At this rate, how many words does he read in one hour?

Division Words

1. Each: Ken has 75 pencils and 15 boxes. How many pencils should he pack in each box so each customer gets the same number of pencils?