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Sheet # 21

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Show your work.

1. There are 17 children in the second grade and 15 children in the third grade. How many children are there in all?




2. Hilda read for 27 minutes. She then worked on her writing for 35 minutes. How many total minutes did she study?




3. Gary sells newspapers after school. He sold 64 newspapers on Monday and 69 newspapers on Tuesday. How many total newspapers did he sell?




4. Hillary learned 15 new words the first week and 17 new words the second week. How many total new words did she learn?




5. Ryan paid 33 cents for a pen and 49 cents for a soda. How much did he spend?




6. Tom sold 45 newspapers on Saturday and 57 newspapers on Sunday. How many papers did he sell?




7. Mrs. Dorf's class has 19 boys and 11 girls. How many children are there in the class?




8. Kathy spent 45 cents on milk and 49 cents on a donut. How much did she spend?