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Sheet #110/If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

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1) The mouse and the boy have a box of 24 crayons. The mouse lost 10 of the crayons. How many crayons are left?

2) The boy has 4 cookies and the mouse has 6 cookies. How many cookies do they have altogether?

3) The mouse has 3 cookies, 5 straws for his milk, and 1 glass of milk. How many things does he have?

4) The boy eats 8 cookies in one day. The mouse eats the same amount. How many cookies did they eat in one day?

5) There are 4 people in the mouse's family. Mother Mouse baked 12 cookies. How many cookies can each mouse have if they each have the same amount?

6) Bonus: How many can each mouse have if Mother and Father Mouse each get 1 extra?

7) The mouse drew 2 pictures for the refrigerator. He used 4 pieces of Scotch tape for each picture. How many pieces of tape did he use?

8) The mouse took a nap from 10:15 a.m. until 10:35 a.m. How many minutes did he sleep?

9) There are 7 rooms in the house. It takes the mouse 10 minutes to sweep each room. If he starts at 9:00 a.m. what time will it be when he finishes sweeping?

10) The mouse has 15 chocolate chip cookies and the boy has 9 peanut butter cookies. How many do they have in all? How many more cookies does the mouse have?

11) The boy has 16 blue cups on one shelf and 8 green mugs on another shelf. There are 4 white glasses in the sink.
a) If he washes the glasses and puts them away with the green mugs how many things will be on that shelf?

b) If he decides to put them with the blue cups instead, how many will be on that shelf?

12) Each box of cookies costs $2.85.

a) How much will two boxes cost?

b) What if the boy has a coupon for $0.25 off each box? Then how much will the two boxes cost?

13) The boy bought a pencil for $0.28 and a roll of Scotch tape for $0.35.

a) How much money did he spend?

b) If the boy used $1.00 to buy the pencil and the tape how much change would he get back?

Answers for Work Sheet # 110

1) 14 caryons
2) 10 cookies
3) 9 things
4) 16 cookies
5) 3 cookies
6) 4 for mother and father, 2 for kids
7) 8 pieces
8) 20 minutes
9) 10:10 a.m.
10) 24 cookies
11) a) 12 mugs
b) 20 mugs
a) $5.70
b) $5.20
a) $0.63
b) $0.37