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Sheet # 6 Critical Thinking

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Show and explain your work. Draw pictures or make tables to explain your answer.

1) One group of Girls Scouts goes to every 5th house in a neighborhood. Another group goes to every 7th house. At which house will they first meet?

2) The Macon Telegraph is published every day come rain or shine. Elizabeth helps her brother Joshua get the paper delivered. Elizabeth has a schedule that includes her folding the papers every 4th day, delivering the paper every 3rd day and collecting for the paper every 6th day. If she helps Joshua for 12 weeks, how many times will Elizabeth do all three jobs in one day?

Answers for sheet # 6

1) 35th house

2) All three jobs will be done on 1 day every 12 days: therefore they will be done 7 times in 84 days or 12 weeks.