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Sheet # 252 Critical Thinking

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Use drawings, words, or numbers to explain how you got your answer.

1) Janet's first purchase on her trip to the beach was 2 glasses of lemonade and a popsicle. She paid 80 cents for them. Later the same day she bought 3 glasses of lemonade and 2 popsicles for $1.30. How much does 1 glass of lemonade cost?

2) The community of Maple Valley is starting a recycling center. They have collected 120 kilograms of glass
in four colors: clear, green, blue and brown. They want to find out how many kilograms of each color they have so they can purchase the right size storage containers.


1. The combined weight of the green, blue and brown glass is the same as the weight of the clear glass.

2. The weights of the green, blue and brown glass are equal.


1. How much does the clear glass weigh?

2. What is the weight of the other three colors?

Answer for sheet # 252

1) 30 cents for each glass of lemonade. 20 cents for each popsicle

2) green = 20 kg
Blue = 20 Kg
Brown = 20 Kg
Clear = 60 Kg