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Sheet # 243 Critical Thinking

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Use drawings, words, or numbers to explain how you got your answer.

Gaby has three different bags of M&Ms. Each bag contains some yellow, blue, and green M&Ms.

Bag # 1: 10 yellow, 4 blue, and 6 green

Bage # 2: 4 yellow, 6 blue, and 10 green

Bage # 3: 6 yellow, 10 blue, and 4 green

Gaby has to choose a bag and pick out one M&M without looking. If she picks a blue M&M, she will win a prize. Should Gaby choose Bag # 1, Bag # 2 or Bag # 3? Which bag gives her a better chance of picking a blue M&M or are they the same?

Answer for sheet # 243

Scott should choose bag # 3. Even though all three bags have the same number of total M&Ms, the bag # 3 has the highest number of blue M&Ms. It has the highest probability of picking out a blue M&M.