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Sheet # 203 Critical Thinking

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Use drawings, words, or numbers to explain how you got your answer.

One day Jake was feeling thirsty after his ball game. His team decided to go to the soda shop and since Jake missed the last free throw and cost his team the game, Jake was buying. At the shop, the sign read "8 oz of soda for $1.35, 16 oz of soda for $2.25, 32 oz of sodafor $2.75" Jake had only $10 with him. Including Jake there were 7 players and they always get the same size drink. What is the best way for Jake to spend his money?

Answers for sheet # 203

7 x 1.35 = 9.25 for 8 ounce drinks
7 x 2.25 = $15.75 for 16 ounce drinks; can't afford it
Can't afford 32 ounce drinks either

Jake could buy himself and his teammates 9 ounce drinks and he would have 75 cents left for himself.