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Sheet # 171 Critical Thinking

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Use drawings, words, or numbers to explain how you got your answer.

1) There are four red and three green marbles in a bag. What is the probability of picking a green marble?

2) Jack collects stamps. He has 18 with pictures of birds, 22 with dogs, and 10 with seashells. If he picked one stamp, what is the probability that it will have a picture of a seashell?

3) A coin is marked heads on one side, tails on the other. Maria tosses the coin 7 times. She gets tails each time. What is the probability that she will get tails on the next toss?

4) If the spinner is spun once, what is the probability of getting B?

Answers for sheet # 171

1) 3/7. Three out of seven.

2) 10/50 = 1/5

3) 1/2

4) 1/4