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Sheet # 145 Critical Thinking

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Use drawings, words, or numbers to explain how you got your answer.

1) Janet is hanging out her towels to dry. She puts two clothespins on each towel. If she has 4 towels, how many clothespins will she need?

2) Janet sees that her clothespins box is running low. So she puts one clothespin on the corner of two towels. This way she only needs 3 clothespins for 2 towels. How many clothespins will she need for 4 towels now?

3) If Janet is using the clothespin-saving method of hanging out her towels, how many towels can she hang with 9 clothespins?

Answers for Sheet # 145

1) 8 pins

2) 5 pins

3) 8 towels

Answer for sheet # 142

5 lemons