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Sheet # 138 Critical Thinking

Name: _____________________ Date_____________

Use drawings, words, or numbers to explain how you got your answer.

The ladybugs meet in Tom's garden. On the first day there were 7 ladybugs. On the second day there were 15, and on the third day there were 24 ladybugs. If this pattern continues, how many ladybugs will there be on the 4th day? on the 5th day?

Answer for sheet # 138

To go from 1st day to 2nd day, add 8. To go from 2nd day to 3rd day, add 9. To go from 3rd to 4th day, add 10. To go from 4th day to 5th day, add 11.

# of ladybugs on 4th day = 34.
# of ladybugs on 5th day = 45