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Sheet # 130 Critical Thinking

Name: _____________________ Date_____________

Use drawings, words, or numbers to explain how you got your answer.

On Saturdays, Children Video gives away a blank video tape to every 6th customer and a movie to every 8th customer. Which child will get both a blank video tape, and a movie?

2) Jeff went to the grocery store and bought a package of 10 hot dogs and a package of 8 rolls. Jeff noticed he would have two hot dogs without rolls. He wondered, "What is the least number of packages of hot dogs and rolls I would have to buy in order to have hot dogs and rolls come out even? Solve Jeff's problem.

Bonus: If a package of hot dogs costs $3.95 and a package of rolls costs $2.49 and you use a coupon worth $0.50 off the total, what is the least amount of money you will spend?. Write a number sentence.

Answer for sheet # 130

1) 24th child. LCM of 6 and 8 is 24.

2) LCM 10 and 8 is 40.

4 packages of hot dogs

5 packages of rolls

4 x $3.95 + 5 x $2.49 - $0.50
$15.80 + $12.45 - $0.50