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Sheet # 125 Critical Thinking

Name: _____________________ Date_____________

Use drawings, words, or numbers to explain how you got your answer.

Use the information in the graph to estimate a reasonable number of sandwiches sold on:

Monday: ______________

Tuesday: _____________

Wednesday: __________





2. A waiter at Lynn's Diner wants to take off one day each week. Which would be the best day for the waiter to choose? Why? Which would be the worst day? Why?

3. Lynn's Diner needs to close for two days for repairs. Which two days would be the best? Why? Which would be the worst? Why?

4. Estimate how many more sandwiches are sold on Saturday than on Monday. Show your work.

5. Compare the number of sandwiches sold during the school week (Monday through Friday) to the number sold during the weekend. Were more sandwiches sold during the school week or during the weekend? Show your work.

Answer for sheet # 125

1) Monday:100 sandwiches
Tuesday: 50 sandwiches
Wednesday: 125
Sunday: 175

2) Best day: Thursday because only 25 sandwiches are served.
Worst day: Saturday because only 225 sandwiches are served.

3) Tuesday and Thursday best days to repair. Saturday, and Sunday are the worst days to close the diner.

4) 225 - 100 = 125 sandwiches.

5) 375 sandwiches were sold in during week. 400 sandwiches were sold during weekend.