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Sheet # 123 Critical Thinking

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Use drawings, words, or numbers to explain how you got your answer.

1) Maria has 2 jobs at home. Every 3 days she must clean the house. Every 5 days she must bring the grocery. Last Sunday she did both jobs. On what day of the week will she next do both jobs?

2) Hamburger patties come in packages of 4. Hamburger buns are sold in packages of 6. Janet wants to buy the least number of packages so that she will have the same number of patties as buns. How many packages of patties and how many packages of buns should she buy?

Bonus: If the hamburger package costs $4.95/package and the buns package costs $3.49/package, what is the least amount of money Janet would spend? Write a number sentence.

Answer for sheet # 123

1) LCM of 3 and 5 is 15. She will do both jobs 15 days from Sunday. It will be Monday

2) 3 packages of patties and 2 packages buns. The LCM of 4, and 6 is 12

3 x 4.95 + 2 x 3.49