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Sheet # 120 Critical Thinking

Name: _____________________ Date_____________

Use drawings, words, or numbers to explain how you got your answer.

Last evening, as Tom watched a Little League baseball game, he noticed some boys and dogs playing on the grass behind third base. He heard a noise and looked to his left in time to see the boys and dogs running past him. He decided to count them in a different way. He counted the legs and found there were 40 of them. Now what he wants to know is, how many boys and how many dogs ran past him? List all possible answers.

Answer for sheet # 120

The boys have two legs and dogs have 4 legs.

There are 5 possible answers:

8 boys and 6 dogs
2 boys and 9 dogs
10 boys and 5 dogs
4 boys and 8 dogs
6 boys and 7 dogs