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Sheet # 4 Critical Thinking - Party

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Use drawings, words, or numbers to explain how you got your answer.

Jose, Maria and Wendy had a pool party. They each invited a friend. Jose spent $5 on ice cream. Maria bought a cake for $7 and Wendy spent $3 on candy. The temperature that day was 105 degrees.

a) How many children were there at the party?

b) How much money did the children spend on the party?

c) Jose, Maria and Wendy want to share the expenses equally. How much did each person pay the others so that each of them spent the same amount.

Answer for sheet # 4

a) 6

b) $15

c) Jose spent $5.
Maria spent $7.
Wendy spent $3

Wendy will give Maria $2, so each one of them spent $5.