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Sheet # 5/The Three Little Kittens

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1) The Three Little Kittens lost their mittens. If each kitten lost 4 mittens, how many mittens were lost?


2) The first kitten in the litter (their older brother) liked to hunt for mice so he was given to a farmer to help keep the mice out of the barn. The first day he caught 16 mice, the second day he caught 14 (the barn was overrun with them), the third day he caught 12, and the fourth day he caught 10. If he continued in this pattern, how many did he catch on the sixth day?



3) "Oh Mother dear, see here, see here, our mittens we have lost!" Mother Cat was in the middle of baking pies for dessert. She had a large family, and needed to make fourteen pies. She made two catnip custard pies, five fish meringue pies, and the rest were chocolate mousse pies. How many chocolate mousse pies did she bake?



4) The second kitten in the litter (The Three Little Kittens' older sister) was a striped cat. She had an even number of stripes. The number has two digits. The ones place is double the tens place. She had less than 20 stripes. How many stripes did she have?



5) The sixth kitten in the litter was The Three Little Kittens' younger sister. She liked to watch cat food commercials on TV. Mother Cat was worried that Kitten #6 was watching too much TV, so she began to keep track of the number of hours Kitten #6 sat in front of the television. At the end of one week, Mother cat had counted 21 hours. On the average, how many hours of TV did cat #6 watch each day?



6) "Oh Mother dear, see here, see here: our mittens we have found." The kittens began cleaning the bedroom at 1:05 p.m. They found the last mitten at 2:30 p.m., but Mother Cat told them they couldn't come out until they had finished cleaning the room. All together, they worked in the bedroom for three hours and twelve minutes. What time did they finish?



7) "What? Found your mittens! You good little kittens. Then you will have some pie." Mother Cat was so proud of them that she let them each have a piece of warm pie--fresh from the oven. Mmmmm-delicious! She sent Kitten #7 (the youngest one) to the store to get some ice cream to put on the warm pie. She gave him 2 quarters, three dimes. four nickels, and eleven pennies to pay for the ice cream. The ice cream cost $1.07 How much change did Kitten #7 bring home?



8) "Meow, meow, meow, meow, and we shall have some pie." Unfortunately, the Three Little Kittens forgot to take off their mittens when they ate the pie. Mother Cat was not pleased when she saw pie and ice cream on the kittens' new mittens. Cold weather was coming, and she wanted the kittens to have warm, clean mittens to wear. The temperature was supposed to drop overnight, and snow was predicted for the next day. If today's temperature is fifty-six degrees and it is supposed to be thirty-six tomorrow, what will the difference be?

Answers for sheet # 5 The Three Little Kittens

1) 12 mittens
2) 6 mice
3) 7 chocolate pies
4) 12
5) 3 hours every day
6) 4:17 p.m.
7) 4 cents
8) 20 degrees