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Sheet # 3/Polar Express

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Use drawings, words, or numbers to explain how you got your answer.

1) When Kelly got on board the Polar Express, there were 31 seats available. The train has a total of 159 seats. How many seats were already filled?

2) The conductor looked at his pocket watch to see what time the train would be leaving. It read 8:37 p.m. If it takes the Polar Express 3 hours and 15 minutes to get to the North Pole, what time will it be when it arrives?

3) On the train we had 41 different kinds of cookies, 3 different flavors of cocoa, and 122 candies. Mmmmm! How many treats did we have in all?

4) On our way to the North Pole we noticed 15 lean wolves and 32 white-tailed rabbits hiding from the train. How many more rabbits were there than wolves?

5) As the train climbed the mountains to the North Pole we saw 1,124 different mountain peaks. If half of them were covered completely with snow, then how many were not completely covered?

6) The distance from Joshua's house to the North Pole is 4,202 miles and the distance from Alex's house to the North Pole is 5,329 miles. How many more miles is it from Alex's house than from Joshua's house?

7) At the North Pole, Adrian shouted, "Look, the elves!" We then noticed a massive crowd around the train. We estimated there were about 627 elves. If this is rounded to the nearest ten how many would that be?

8) The clock struck midnight as the elves roared with approval for Santa to give his gift to Chelsea. How many hours would pass by if Santa could give out another gift tomorrow at midnight?

9) As Santa and his reindeer took off into the sky, they were traveling at 431 miles per hour. The farther away they got the faster they would go. The Sky Officer measured Santa traveling at the speed of 900 miles per hour. How much faster was Santa traveling than when he first took off into the air?

10) Santa left presents for Aubrie, Justin, Neil, and Ross. Those presents totaled 28. If each child received equal amount of gifts, how many gifts did each child receive?